You are probably wondering what the TFG stands for.... TFG Fabrics grew from my sewing hobby which had a page named The Fabric Giraffe to showcase my work.  When my love for fabric overtook sewing and I spent so much time sourcing amazing fabrics from all over the world that I barely got any sewing done, I decided it was time to source and provide it for other people and here we are!

And the giraffe part... well that's just because I love all things giraffe!

I provide everything from in stock fabrics and haberdashery to custom designed printed fabrics available for pre-ordering.

If you need any help sourcing something or have any questions please email me and I will do my very best to help, you can also join the TFG Fabrics Facebook group at 

I hope you love these fabrics and designs as much as I do and thank you for visiting TFG Fabrics.